Ngazi Youth Empowerment Programme

The Ngazi YEP targets 1000 trainees between 18-29years of age from Trans-Nzoia and Busia Counties. The youth are targeted with empowerment through technical, life skills, entrepreneurship and ICT skills training in six Vocational Training Institutes in the two counties.

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Geographical Locations of Ngazi Project

Geographical Locations of Ngazi Project


To enhance the capacity of 1000 youth from Busia and Transzoia counties in Western Kenya as well as increase capacities of vocational training institutions as vehicles for empowering youth and creating sustainable structures for social and economic empowerment of young people.

In attaining its broader mission, ACWICT is implementing The Ngazi Youth Empowerment Project in Western Keya, namely Busia and Trans Nzoia counties. Within these counties the project is implemented in 6 vocational training institutions and among youth groups.

The Ngazi Project aims at equipping its target audience with digital literacy skills, financial and entrepreneurship skills, life skills and apprenticeship in areas of priority to enable the beneficiaries support the economic and social development of their communities and also set up ICT enabled enterprises.

The project also seeks to enhance youths’ active participation in their communities through enhancing advocacy work and supporting social initiatives for the benefit of their communities. In the project, ACWICT is working with vocational training institutions to provide a well linked educational and training system that combines school based education with work based training and apprenticeship.

Ngazi Project is implemented during the periods of 2015-2017, majorly targeting Standard 8 graduates who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are currently unemployed.

Programme Activities
  • The Program has so far enrolled 439 trainees.
  • Different VTIs began at different times due to the readiness of the VTIs. This delayed YG formation and PET taking off.
  • The Program has conducted Peer Educators Training for Cycle 1 and II, training a total of 50 peer educators. The training covered aspects of group formation, group management, environmental mainstreaming, gender mainstreaming, financial literacy, ICT skills and social media marketing.
  • Beneficiaries have also been trained on entrepreneurial skills awaiting the entrepreneurship competitions to be held at the end of November 2016. Trainees have therefore formed a total of — entrepreneurial groups that will compete for start up kits.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and training support visits have been conducted and continue to be conducted for the VTIs in both counties. These have yielded various information that the program has used for decision making.
  • The Program also conducted a sustainability training for 78 sustainability trainers.
  • The Program carried out a cartoon workshop in both counties
  • The Program was officially launched in Busia County in May 2016. The launch for Trans-Nzoia County is expected within the month.
  • The Program has also developed three month curriculums for 13 vocational courses. This was done in conjunction with the trainers in the VTIs.
  • The Program successfully negotiated for Ngazi trainees not to wear uniform.
  • The VTIs are consulting with the caregivers to support provision of lunch, accommodation and transport.
  • The Ngazi assessment of the program resulted in recruitment of competent staff, boosting staff capacity.
  • The Cycle 1 trainees have been able to form youth and peer educator groups, and the business plan competitions are expected in August 2016. The Peer Educators Workshop is scheduled for end of June 2016.
  • The program carried out a ToT training for 66 lead trainers from the two counties. After the ToT, one of the trainers used our platform of TukoWorks to gain a Diploma Certificate, and was awarded by the Governor of Busia County, and is due for promotion.

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