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Working with high potential, disadvantaged women and youth in Kenya to improve their access to education, employment, health and leadership opportunities.








Empowering young women to be economically independent & HIV-free

Meet Grace, Ann, and Praxidies, three young women in Kenya who were provided with vocational training and life skills through the African Centre for Women, Information and Communications Technology.

Passion Meets Opportunity – How a Great Mechanic was Born

A success story from Mercy who against all odds is now gainfully employed as a mechanic in Kisumu. Out of 900 applicants, she was among the 15 selected to join the prestigious Toyota Nairobi Academy after completing DREAMS Vusha Girls.

Edith – From a house help to a business owner

After completing a course in Fashion and Design with ACWICT, my group and I were declared winners of the Ngazi Entrepreneurship competition. Today we are all working on our business with increased earning

Catherine; I am all smiles, holding my shoulders and head high

Intel She Will Connect Program beneficiary set up a second-hand clothing store and now makes profits of between 300-500 USD a month

When you come from where I do, access to technology is a luxury

“My experience may seem weird to others, but when you come from where I do, having access to technology is a luxury. We have other priorities like accessing sanitation, employment, and housing amongst others,” says Dammy. Dammy Nafula hails from...

Training increased my online presence as a female journalist

After the training I felt like an empowered journalist who is much more educated, experienced, and rejuvenated to develop rich content that highlighted issues that both positively and negatively affected women in society.


The official beginning of Ninaweza II Development Program

Introduction Today marked the official beginning of Ninaweza II Development Program with a huge turnout of 78 young women who came in for interviews. In attendance were young women who had discovered about the training opportunity through the...

Calls for Application: Digital Skills & Computer Science Training

Calls for Application: Digital Skills & Computer Science Training

The students will then be introduced to Microsoft’s E learning portal known as the Imagine academy where they will be given a chance to enhance and pursue further certifications in Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Which form key components in any Computer science related field.

Reaching 25,000 women & youth annually

Since 2001, ACWICT has implemented various successful workforce development programs that provide women and youth with skills to gain meaningful employment in the job market.

Our flexible curriculum model includes training modules that adapt to the ever changing labour market while targeting young people at different levels of education including primary, high-school, and post-secondary/tertiary education.

Our programs offer job placement support to ensure that once trained, these youth are placed into jobs, internships and or apprenticeships.

So far, we have trained and secured jobs for over 125,000 women and youth in over 20 across Kenya including Nairobi, Kisumu, Siaya, Machakos, Kiambu & West Pokot.

Our Programs

DREAMS Vusha Girls Employability  Program

Employment (whether formal or informal) is the surest way for the young women to achieve their financial independence and shun away from using sex as currency or tolerate sexual infidelity all together and gain pathways out of poverty

Vusha Girls Employability Program implemented by ACWICT is a DREAMS Innovation Challenge solution that is committed to providing a bridge to employment to 1000 disadvantaged but high potential young women from the informal settlements of Nairobi and Kisumu Counties so as to decrease their risk for transactional sex work and HIV infection.


Coding for Employment

We sensitize young people on the career opportunities in technology and train them in these demand-driven curriculum encouraging them to innovate and solve problems. We offer a comprehensive training based on the Microsoft IT Academy and Cisco Networking Academy recognized in the IT industry.


Career Fair

The #ICT4Development Career Fair is an interesting way for the youth and young women we serve, to learn more about our programs, start careers in STEM and see how they can get jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities through our diverse training programs.

Best partner  for youth & women training and workforce development programs in Kenya

Over the years, ACWICT has developed wide experience implementing successful workforce development programs that provide women and youth at different levels of transition from education to the world of work; Primary Education, High-school education and Post-secondary/tertiary education.

We have created short high-impact and market driven curriculum that meets the training needs of youth at different levels of education or transition into the world of work. We have consistently been creating relevant programs with a focus on youth and women empowerment whose model can be replicated.

ACWICT is always driving change and staying ahead of trends by adding value through;

  • Online work training
  • Mentorship and deployment
  • Job Placement
  • Coding

ACWICT is devoted towards ensuring that there is periodical and intensive monitoring of the overall progress of all the projects and processes and periodical institution of a systematic assessment of accomplishments and effectiveness of all objectives and strategies. Monitoring and evaluation aids in determining the implementation progress and the establishment of the need for adjustment arising from changes in the operating environment. 

Gender Inclusivity in ICT

A Go to organization in issues of gender inclusivity; integrated Sexual Reproductive Health in youth empowerment programs.

ACWICT undertakes youth employability and economic empowerment with many youth testimonies demonstrating program impact and with many beneficiaries being reached.

  1. Accreditation from Cisco Networking Academy since 2007
  2. Accredited Certiport Testing Center
  3. Accredited Microsoft Imagine Academy since 2014.

Successful Projects Delivery: Successfully implemented National and County based youth employment and empowerment programs including Ajira Digital Program, Ngazi Youth Empowerment program, TukoWorks, EmployMentor, Vusha, Vusha Girls and Ninaweza Programs among others; acquired recognition by GOK, UN and Barclays Bank; impacted hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.

ACWICT has a strong reputation for being a champion for change;

  1. We have won several awards; CISCO,  Microsoft, Intel
  2. Accreditation by Microsoft and Cisco
  3. Recognition by Kenya County Governments, Government Agencies, UN bodies, International Foundations;
  4. ACWICT is Positioned as best youth & women training and empowerment organization.